Ahhh, the dinner party. A time-honored tradition that seems like it should be easy to accomplish (just put out a couple of trays of cheese and crackers, turn on your "chill vibz 2022" playlist, and make sure there's enough booze available for a small army … right?).

Well, it turns out there's more to it than that. So whether your last dinner party was 100 years ago, in 2019, or you’re new to throwing a dinner fête, we've got your back.

So get ready (and maybe break out some of that booze) for some tips on hosting a great dinner party:

Keep It Moving

Mix up the setting (or how people are positioned) every hour or two. Start with cocktails standing up in the living room, move to a seated dinner, then let guests seat themselves for dessert outside or on floor pillows around the coffee table or fireplace. (No fireplace? Just gather around the oven – jk jk, that’s how lawsuits happen).

Keep The Drinks Flowing

Everyone loves it when a host knows how to mix a great cocktail. But no need to be a master mixologist (a.k.a Tom Cruise in Cocktail); you only need one or two up your sleeve. Here are a few of our all-time favorite cocktails – that are also super-easy to make:

  • Moscow Mule – the perfect springtime beverage: refreshing + not too sweet
  • Paloma – a great summertime cocktail, perfect for tequila fans
  • Penicillin - the right combo of sweet + smoky flavors makes this whiskey-based cocktail perfect for a fall evening
  • Snowball - this vintage cocktail might literally be what your grandparents drank in the winter

Of course, you’ll also want to stock up on good, drink-able wine and beer – and no, we don't mean Franzia or Coors Light.

PRO TIP: Set out pre-made drinks on trays and place wine/beer in ice buckets near some empty glasses so guests can help themselves to a drink easily. This will help take the pressure of serving off your hands and allow you to better mingle with your guests.

Please Don’t Stop The Music:

If Rihanna says it, you know it's true. As the host, you’re there to be present with your guests – so please (please!) don’t fiddle with the music while your guests are trying to talk to you. Take the time to plan your playlists ahead of time – or if you’d rather turn on a Spotify playlist and not think about it, here are a few that hit the right ‘dinner party’ vibe:

Give Them Something To Talk About

A dinner party without good conversation isn’t much of a dinner or a party. But sometimes it can be hard to make sure the convo is flowing. Our fave trick? Place a Deep card on each person's place setting. It’s a fun way to start the conversation – or fill a lull during dinner. If you're in a hurry, check out our top 5 conversation starters for dinner parties.

Speaking of which, we *literally* designed the ultimate conversation game for just such an occasion! The Deep Game is designed to spark discussions that are fun, wild and hilarious (no cheesy or overly vulnerable questions allowed!). And it’ll definitely make your dinner party a memorable one. 
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And the rest is up to you! Happy planning!

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