The Deep Game


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The Deep Game is designed to spark fun, intriguing, and profound conversation with anyone—friends, family, and even that one coworker you're not so sure about.

Featuring 420+ questions and 10 conversation decks, you'll reach for this game at dinner parties, family meals, holidays, and more.
What's inside?

• More than 420 intriguing questions and off-the-wall hypotheticals

• Thought exercises that’ll make you wonder, “How high were they when they wrote that?”

• 300 cards

• 10 conversation decks

• 30-100 minutes without an awkward silence!

Will it fit on my bookshelf?

Unless you live in one of those mini DIY doll houses that are trending for some reason ... we certainly hope so.


4.80 x 6.61 x 3.28”

Additional Info

Ages: 10+

Players: 2+

Say goodbye to small talk.

Does talking about politics make you want to hit your head against a wall? Do you hate gossip and small talk even more? Do you long to discuss things like, "Why is my sh*tty art not worth as much as that famous artist's sh*tty art?" and, "What would a world populated by your clones be like?"

The Deep Game was made for you.

Question on card: When do you think the "golden age" of humanity was (or will be)?

Unconventional questions and wild hypotheticals.

Our questions don't have obvious right or wrong answers — or clear right and left sides. Instead, they invite people to consider new perspectives and build real, deep connections.


Rapid-fire rounds that'll help you break the ice.

They're fast, they're fun, and they'll make you question how well you know the people in your life (or make you feel like you've known a stranger for years!)

10 card decks inside the game

10 different conversation decks —  so you always have something fresh to talk about.

Q's that'll prove you're the ultimate conversationalist — and that will reveal how how funny, thoughtful, and existential your friends and family can be.