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Zoom The Parenting Pack
Zoom The Parenting Pack
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The Parenting Pack

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So, you’re having a baby (or at least thinking about it)!

Congrats? Er, we mean: Congrats! 

Say hello to The Deep’s Parenting Pack: designed to spark conversation that will make you laugh, think, and prepare you for the wild ride that is parenthood.  

What's inside?

• 70 hilarious, real, and surprisingly profound questions

• Rapid fire rounds, activities and more

• 30-90 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun (kinda like making a baby, no?)

Can I gift it?

We’re glad you asked … 100% yes! Why gift another unmemorable onesie when you can gift the conversation of a lifetime? (Seriously. This convo is not only fun, it’s gonna shape that kid’s life.)

When will I get it?

Ships early November! Refer to our FAQ page for more details.

How big is it?

Between baby shower gifts and (overly) generous grandparents ... you'll most likely be wondering where all your free space went. Which is why we made this pack especially compact (just slightly bigger than a normal deck of cards).

4.09 x 3.07 x 0.69”

Additional Info

Ages: 17+

Players: 2+

Get ready to poop with an audience for the foreseeable future.

Hey, we may not be able to give you back the hundreds of hours of sleep you’re about to lose, but at least we can help you laugh about it. 

So you're not having a baby ...

We've got a game for you too.


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