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We ask questions that ignite people's curiosity about the world and other people.

Saving humanity, one question at a time.

Let’s be honest: as a society, we’ve got problems. We’re polarized, lonely, closed-minded, and isolated into our separate bubbles. Also: many of the things that are supposed to help us (social media, the news, etc.) are making things worse.

We believe there’s a better way.

We ask questions that ignite people's curiosity, encourage open-minded thinking, and spark fun, thought-provoking conversations.

Our questions:

• Don't have right or wrong answers (or right or left sides)

• Invite people to consider new ideas and different perspectives

• Spark fun, fascinating and surprisingly fresh conversation

• Build real, deep connections amongst people with different viewpoints

The result:

• You have more interesting (and fun!) conversations with the people in your life

• You have more empathy toward other people (especially those with different opinions/experiences)

• You understand yourself better

• You’re more curious and engaged with the world around you

Our company values

We are audaciously curious. We value nuanced thinking. We build bridges instead of bubbles. We dare to ask questions that liberate us from the good-and-bad, black-and-white thinking that is polarizing — and paralyzing— our society.


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