Achieving a great dinner party is like Olympic bobsledding: it takes preparation, timing, and chemistry … and it can go downhill very quickly.

But before you panic, here are a few fun conversation starters to get things off on the right foot (so you can be as cool as Francesco Friedrich, the GOAT bobsledder, according to a quick Google search).

 ?  How long could you survive if you were dropped in the middle of a forest with no supplies? 

 ?  IMAGINE THIS: You’re 40 years old and single. You have a terrible track record of choosing romantic partners. Given your history, would you accept an arranged marriage, if your spouse was chosen by a committee of seven of your closest friends and family members?

 ?  You’re allowed to make one change to any sport in the world to make it more exciting. What's your idea?

 ?  IMAGINE THIS: You hear a news story about two people who got stranded on a deserted island. One person survived by hiding a secret stash of food from the other person, which allowed them to hold out long enough to be rescued. The other person died of starvation. Do you think the survivor was selfish, or do you think they just did what they had to do in order to survive?

 ?  Out of the entire human lifespan, what's the best age and why?

And if you’re into the above questions, those are just a peek at the 420+ questions, hypotheticals, and activities in The Deep Game. There’s no better dinner party companion. 

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