Here's some content you might have missed in March and questions to consider along with it.


The Contradictions of American History

A fascinating piece on how politics has always been contradictory (shocking, right?) and why instead of judging the mistakes of the past, we should learn from them.

Take-Home Question: Can we support a political party if we don’t agree with some of their ideologies?

As rent rises, Americans are stuck in their homes

Americans used to move a lot. Now they don’t. And experts think it could be causing a social crisis. 

Take-Home Question: How are the economic realities of modern life changing us and our communities?

Daryl Davis: How can you hate me when you don’t even know me

Would you spend your life seeking out people who genuinely hate you? This man has. Meet Daryl Davis: a black man who’s succeeded in forging friendships with over 200 Ku Klux Klan members and white supremacists … and getting them to abandon their hateful views.

Take-Home Question: Should we be eschewing “safe spaces” – and instead create more opportunities for dialogue between people with opposing ideologies?

The world as 100 people

A lot of people have come before us. A lot more people could come after us. This article puts our place in human history into a fascinating historical perspective.

Take-Home Question: When do you think the golden age of humanity was (or will be)?

Teach Intellectual Charity

A compelling case for listening to other people’s arguments the same way you’d like them to listen to yours — even when (actually, especially when!) you disagree with them.

Take-Home Question: Is it wrong to listen to people whose views you find morally objectionable?

Sexual ethics

What kids are learning about modern-day sexuality isn’t what earlier generations learned… and it could be changing (ruining?) their perspective on what is acceptable in the bedroom.

Take-Home Question: In a world where kids have easier (and earlier) access to pornography, what is “normal” … and has the concept of consent changed?


Upload Season 2

Sure it’s a little heavy on the cheese, but we’re into anything that makes you consider death – and what might come after.

Take-Home Question: Upon your death, would you like your consciousness uploaded into a computer simulation where “you” could interact with your friends and/ or loved ones?


SYSK: How hate works

Everything you ever wanted to know about hate: where it comes from, the different kinds of hate that exist, and whether or not it’s a “natural” emotion.

Take-Home Question: Is hating someone (or something) morally wrong?

How art can heal the brain

Scientists are increasingly discovering that art can help ease a host of brain disorders (from Parkinsons to PTSD). Now they’re trying to figure out why.

Take-Home Question: How does art change the way we view the world?

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