Here's some content you might have missed in June and questions to consider along with it.


There is No Right Person To Hate

The more hateful rhetoric there is in a particular society, the higher the probability of actual violence taking place against someone, somewhere. So should we hold people responsible for the violence that results from their incendiary/hateful words? Conservative political commentator David French has some thoughts. 

Take-Home Question: Are people entirely responsible for their bad actions … or is the system that stokes their anger and fear partly to blame?

An Actual Explanation of Climate Change

Climate change is a scientific issue, but solving it is a political one… and therein lies the rub. This is a long read, but worth it (from one of our favorite long-form newsletters!).

Take-Home Question: If we acted decisively today, could we save the planet from ourselves? Or would it be too little, too late? 

Reclaiming Populism

The authors of this article argue that the left’s strategy of focusing on equality ignores most voters’ biggest concern: fairness. They argue that it would better to advocate for fair (even if unequal) outcomes.

Take-Home Q: How much inequality is fair?

Computer Powered By Green Algae

Could algae help us do away with batteries? It powered a computer continuously for six months using only photosynthesis … so, maybe. 🤞
Take-Home Q: What problems would you most like to see solved?


Alone TV Series

Survival experts are dropped into the wilderness, completely alone and with minimal tools. Can they survive rain, bears, and crushing loneliness to win half a million dollars? Last person standing wins the prize. 

Take-Home Q: How long could you survive if you were dropped into the middle of a forest with no supplies?

For All Mankind

What if the space race never ended? That's the idea posed by this show, which plays out an "alternate history" where the Soviets became the first to put a man on the moon.

Take-Home Q: Who gets more credit: the person who does it best, or the person who does it first?


Ologies: Sleep Part I and II 

Do you suffer from insomnia too? (No? Just us?) Even if you don’t, you’ll get something useful out of this discussion with neurologist and “Sleep Whisperer” Dr. Chris W. Winter.

Take-Home Q: How sure are you that you aren’t dreaming right now, or a figment of some other being’s imagination?


This weekly series showcases mind-boggling stories of deception. You'll meet con artists in social media, fashion, finance, health, and wellness. How did they cast their spell over millions? Why did people believe them? … And how does our culture allow them to thrive?  

Take-Home Q: In an era where everyone is marketing something … when does something "contrived" cross the line into deception? 

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