Here's some content you might have missed in July and questions to consider along with it.


Misinformation Is Here To Stay (And That’s OK)

Why misinformation is different than disinformation – and why attempting to eliminate misinformation might do more harm than good. 

Take-Home Q: Will erasing information that we view as “wrong” stop people from searching for the “right” answers – and lead to fewer advances/discoveries?

Is Monogamy Morally Wrong?

Long celebrated as the ideal type of relationship, some philosophers are wondering if monogamy is not just outdated – but wrong. 

Take-Home Q: As non-traditional relationship models (polyamory, open relationships, etc.) become more accepted … Do you think long-term monogamous relationships will eventually become the minority?  

There’s More Than One Way To Ban A Book

Is self-censorship by publishers the new book banning? In this op-ed, Pamela Paul argues that freedom of speech is now under fire in a new way – from both the illiberal right and the illiberal left.

Take-Home Q: Is there ever a legitimate reason to ban a book? Or is all book banning a slippery slope toward an attempt at thought control?


Pray Away 

Former leaders of the Exodus “pray the gay away” movement contend with the aftermath of what they unleashed upon their community … and how the movement has persisted.

Take-Home Q: Should you ever have to sacrifice who you are for the sake of belonging?

Our Father

Women struggling to get pregnant went to see fertility specialist Donald Cline, whose methods usually worked. They later found out he was using more than his medical expertise to make their pregnancies happen.

Take-Home Q: How do you determine what “family” really means?


The End of Global Order

We’ll admit it: we’re nerds. But even if you aren’t, it’s worth listening to this podcast — featuring geopolitical experts Ian Bremmer and Peter Zeihan — especially if you’re worried about the future of democracy or the rise of China.

Take-Home Q: What type of government – and economy – is most likely to thrive in a rapidly changing world?

One Elite High School’s Struggle Over Admissions

This is a fascinating listen about a bitter debate taking place at a public school in San Francisco – with implications for the entire education system

Take-Home Q: How do you know if unequal outcomes are fair/deserved?


The Deep Game

420+ questions and 10 conversation decks to spark fun, intriguing, and profound conversation with anyone.

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