Republishing guidelines


At The Deep, the free flow of information is integral to our mission in creating and distributing omnichannel content that drives curiosity, openness, and inclusivity as a means of learning and growth. As such, we publish under a Creative Commons Attribution/No Derivatives license. 

Print and Online Republishing Guidelines

  • Check your editing skills at the door. There is to be no editing of our content, except for changes relative to time, location, or style (title case headline versus sentence case headline for example). If you do wish to make edits, you’ll need to contact The Deep editors for approval prior to publication by responding to the newsletter or emailing 

  • Credit where credit is due. The Deep authors must be credited in the republishing of the newsletter. The Deep must also be credited by linking back to the homepage. Our preference is a credit at the top of the article with our logo (see below). 

  • Don’t skip the page view counter. The page view counter must be included when republishing online. The counter is a 1 pixel by 1 pixel invisible image that allows The Deep to know when and where content is republished. 

  • Not for resale. Our content cannot be sold separately. However, it is ok to put our content on pages with ads. 

  • Confirm you’re licensed to republish images. Some images, such as those from commercial providers, don’t allow their images to be republished without permission or payment. Copyright terms are generally listed in the image caption and attribution. Do not omit or substitute your own images as the images in our content are very specifically chosen and play an important role in story illustration. 

  • Do not systematically republish all of our articles, nor frame the content of our site.

Special cases

  • Extracts: you can run the first few lines or paragraphs of the article and then say: “Read the full article on The Deep” with a link back to the article.

  • Quotes: you can quote The Deep provided you include a link back to the article URL.

  • Translations: are technically a derivative under our creative commons license and therefore require approval from The Deep’s editors. This can be requested by responding to the newsletter or emailing  

  • Edits: if you wish to make material edits, you will need to run them by The Deep editors for approval prior to publication. Approval can be requested by responding to the newsletter or emailing

  • Signed consent / copyright release forms: are not required, providing you are following these guidelines.

  • Print: articles may not be published in print. 

  • Podcast and video: are also covered by creative commons and the same attribution requirements apply.

Page counter troubleshooting

  • The page counter is an invisible 1x1 pixel image that allows The Deep to know when and where our content is republished. 

  • If you need it on its own, the page counter can be accessed by clicking Republish then the Advanced tab. This might be useful for republishers who: have deleted the code; are doing a translation; have copy/pasted from the article instead of the HTML; need to embed the counter as a widget to make it work in their CMS; need the script form because their CMS is set to cache the pixel. You can use either the image, script, or iframe tag version of the page counter.

  • If the counter creates giant white space in a newsletter, add style="border:0; height:1px !important; width:1px !important;" into the tag to override the spacing.

  • The page counter does not collect user data or personal information. We retain two pieces of data: 

    • 1) the referring URL, so we know what site republished the article

    • 2) the browser user-agent version, so we can exclude traffic from bots. We also examine the IP address, which we use for city-level geo-coding and then discard.

  • The page counter is distinct for every newsletter, including a unique ID number for that article. If you’re copying the code from another article or a saved template, be sure to update the ID number in the code. You cannot reuse the exact same code without updating it.

Checking the page counter

Once you have published the content, you can verify you have included the page counter by contacting our audience development team

The Deep logo

You can download a high-resolution version of our logo here: EPS (38KB), or PNG (52KB), or SVG (14KB)