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The Deep's Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for those impossible people in your life just got easy.

For ...

Everyone, seriously

Or as we like to think of it: “The All-Purpose Gift.”

For the hostess, your parents, your work wife, that person who’s impossible to shop for, and pretty much anyone who craves interesting conversation.

Play it together! The Deep Game is a gift for them and for you.


For ...

New & expecting parents

They're the ones sober and leaving early or chugging and calling to see if their babysitter can stay late.

Whether they just had kids or are about to, gifting them The Parenting Pack says "I think you got this, but a fire drill never hurts."

SHOP the parenting pack

For the ...

Eligible bachelor(ette)s

They've been on date after date ... after date and still no luck. You know they're a hot piece of a$$ with a killer personality. Help them prove it to their dates with The Dating Edition.


For the ...

Person who loves a good laugh

They've got a killer sense of humor and never miss a comedy special. And now you've got the perfect gift for them.

For a limited time, you can have your *real* gift wrapped in a hilariously absurd Prank-O gift box. With 5 versions to choose from, you can cater it to their specific style of humor.


Gifts under $15

They're small, they're sweet, and best of all they're cheap.



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