The Parenting Pack + Prank-O Gift Box


Ah, parenthood. It’s fun. It’s disorienting. It’s pretty much the sh*t (literally, it’s crazy how much poop one baby generates).

If you know someone who’s having a baby, this is THE gift you’ve been waiting for (did we mention it’s under $25?).

The outer packaging will make them laugh. But the real gift? The hilariously memorable conversation inside (trust us: they’ll thank you later!).

How will it ship?

One (1) Parenting Pack will ship inside a fully assembled Prank-O box of your choice!

We recommend:

No brainer: the Parenting Pack pairs perfectly with the Kids’ Ankle Anchors box.

(Confession: we’d actually consider buying these if they were real!)


About Prank-O

We’re big fans of clever people (and companies!), so we decided to join forces with Prank-O to offer you a hilarious gift-giving experience that your friends and family won’t forget.

It’s the thought that counts, so show them you thought about it—a lot.