The Deep Game + Prank-O Gift Box


Show them you’re smart and funny! The Deep Game is the perfect gift – but it’s even better when packaged in a funny way. 

Whether you’re seeking the perfect dinner party gift, shopping for someone with a great sense of humor, or simply hoping to brighten someone's day after a tough year, this is the ultimate gift! The outer box will make them laugh, but it’s what’s inside that will truly delight.

How will it ship?

One (1) Deep Game will ship inside a fully assembled Pranko box of your choice!

We recommend:

For someone who appreciates smart humor, we love the 12,000 piece jigsaw puzzle box (but almost anyone will get a kick out of Pet VR!).

Read more about what's inside:

About Prank-O

We’re big fans of clever people (and companies!), so we decided to join forces with Prank-O to offer you a hilarious gift-giving experience that your friends and family won’t forget.

It’s the thought that counts, so show them you thought about it—a lot.