The Dating Edition + Prank-O Gift Box


Want to help the singles in your life navigate the weird, wild world of dating with a little more style (and substance … and humor)? Then this is the gift for you.

Give the gift of better date-night conversion – in an absurdly hilarious box. When they open it, they'll realize it doesn't look like its picture, but that's ok … their last date didn't either.

How will it ship?

One (1) Dating Edition will ship inside a fully assembled Prank-O box of your choice.

We recommend:

The Tech Neck box (all that swiping left and right takes its toll on singles!)

Read more about what's inside:

About Prank-O

We’re big fans of clever people (and companies!), so we decided to join forces with Prank-O to offer you a hilarious gift-giving experience that your friends and family won’t forget.

It’s the thought that counts, so show them you thought about it—a lot.