The Parenting Pack


Say hello to The Deep’s Parenting Pack: designed to spark conversation that will make you laugh, think, and prepare you for the wild ride that is parenthood.  

What's inside?

• 70 hilarious, real, and surprisingly profound questions

• Rapid fire rounds, activities and more

• 30-90 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun (kinda like making a baby, no?)

How big is it?

Between baby shower gifts and (overly) generous grandparents ... you'll most likely be wondering where all your free space went. Which is why we made this pack especially compact (just slightly bigger than a normal deck of cards).

4.09 x 3.07 x 0.69”

Additional Info

Ages: 17+

Players: 2+

It's 7pm. You just put your toddler down after an hour of negotiations and lots of crying. What do you do now? (A) Go to bed ASAP, (B) Get in some quality time with your SO, (C) Pour yourself a *bottle* of wine

Forget parenting books.

There are a zillion books and classes that prepare you for your kid’s birth. But what about after that? Who helps prepare you for parenting dilemmas like: At what age is it ok to swear in front of your kids? … and (gulp): How do you give a good sex talk?

We do, that’s who.

Opening the compact parenting deck of cards

Not your average baby shower gift.

Sure, you could get them another (forgettable) onesie. Or you could gift them a conversation that will make them laugh, bond, and potentially make them better parents – all for under 15 bucks. Just sayin!


"Prep for Parenting with this Hilarious Card Game"