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Top 5 TV Shows For The Deep Thinker

There comes a time when every intellectual should put away their Proust, their latest issue of The Economist, and their “I think, therefore I am” mug, and plop down in front of the TV. 

But before you get sucked into the mind-numbing black hole that is reality TV (or get stuck endlessly scrolling through streaming options), check out these binge-worthy shows that will sate your curious mind:


Black Mirror

This one is a no brainer. Or, actually, a full-brainer. 
Black Mirror isn’t one show, per se, but rather a bunch of standalone episodes with the general theme of, “Hey, is technology potentially ruining everything?” It’s chock-full of mind bending and fun-to-ponder scenarios, told through wild storylines and lots of insane consequences for its various protagonists. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cringe about our tech-heavy future. But most importantly, you’ll get to use your noggin and be entertained at the same time.

Black Mirror: Mostly uses human actors.

Black Mirror: Mostly uses human actors. Source: Game Informer


The Good Place

Are you a secret philosophy nerd? Well, apparently so are the writers on NBC’s The Good Place. In this hilarious sitcom, you’ll take a journey through some of existential philosophy’s biggest questions – and enjoy great performances and sharp-as-a-tack joke writing. And just when you think the show is starting to get mildly predictable, it turns everything on its head… in really forking fun ways. (That’s a joke you’ll get once you start to watch it.)

Good Place: Way more than chalkboards and finger pointing. Source: APA Online 


The Great

Looking for a show that transports you to another time and place, makes you laugh, and leaves you pondering some big moral questions? This is the show for you. The first half of the first season is good – but the second half (and the entirety of the second season) gets, well, great. We love the morally complex characters (you'll start off loving one and hating another, then find yourself changing your mind). We also love some of the questions it tackles: What is it acceptable to do (and who is it acceptable to sacrifice) in the name of a good cause? How do you get an entire society to change its ways? And should serious flaws prevent you from loving someone?


The Great

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is the OG show for deep thinkers. Like Black Mirror, it was an anthology show featuring a bunch of standalone episodes. An addicting mix of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and more, its episodes often lead to surprising conclusions (and a heady takeaway). If you plow through all the original episodes, you’ll be glad to know that there have been various reincarnations of it, including a recent one from mastermind Jordan Peele.

“Excuse me, flight attendant? The man outside the plane took my peanuts.”. Source: Wikipedia 


Before he began acting Strange in Marvel movies, Benedict Cumberbatch cut his chops as the inimitable Sherlock Holmes in this series from the BBC. And whether you’ve read any of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books on the famous fictional detective or not, you’re sure to be entertained and intrigued by the intricate and well executed mysteries of Sherlock. It’s a delightful period piece that showcases the many investigative talents of Sherlock Holmes, all while weaving intricate plots together in ways that will make your brain churn as it's equally entertained. So, head on over to 221B Baker Street with your thinking cap on.

Pictured: Benedict wearing his cumberbatch. Source: The Guardian


Did we miss any? Have a show you think deserves to be added to the list? Have thoughts on our above selections? Hit us up in the comments.


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