If you're in a long-term relationship, your sex life may at some point feel … a little lackluster.

There's even a name for it: habituation (a decrease in response to a stimulus after repeated exposure to it – such as having sex with the same partner repeatedly).

But the interesting part? According to some studies cited in a recent The Atlantic article, heterosexual women suffer from habituation earlier in relationships than men do. 

This might surprise people, because society tells us that it's men who struggle more with monogamy. Yet the data shows that the day-to-day normalcy of relationships disproportionately messes with women's desire more than men's.

Reading this article got us wondering … ⁠

 ?  Why do you think that women’s sexual desire wanes earlier (and more drastically) than men’s when it comes to long-term relationships? ⁠

 ?  Are women not as “cut out” for monogamy as society would have them believe? (And are men actually better built for monogamy than society would have them believe?)⁠

 ?  As non-traditional relationship models (such as polyamory, open relationships, etc.) become more and more accepted … Do you think long-term monogamous relationships will eventually become the minority? ⁠

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