Mother’s Day is this weekend. And we love moms! There to love, care for, and annoy you (lovingly, of course) as only moms can. 

Whenever my mom tries to facetime me
(Source: Dump a Day)

And while chocolates, flowers, and bath balms are always appreciated, we’re pretty sure what your mom really wants is a fun, interesting conversation with little ol' you.

Luckily, we can help with that.

Here are a few conversation starters (that aren’t related to your job or relationship status 😬) to get Deep with your mom on Mother’s Day. She might even shock you with her responses!

Ask your mom theses questions: 

 ?  What percentage of romantic love is personality and what percentage is looks/physical attraction? 

 ?  Would your friends say you’re an old soul or a young soul?

 ?  If you could find out what happens after we die, but couldn’t tell anyone, ever … Would you want to know? 

 ?  Is the course of our lives mostly in our control or out of our control? 

 ?  Would you travel back in time just once, and change one decision you’ve made? 

 ?   Is it harder to be a kid or an adult? 

 ?  Which is more influential in life: luck or hard work? 

 ?  If you had been born the opposite sex, would your personality be the same or very different?

 ?  In a good romantic partnership, is it necessary for the couple to be best friends?

And of course if you want to really go all-out for mom, The Deep game makes the perfect gift any time:

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