Happy 4/20! Need a little activity to help celebrate your favorite holiday? If your dinner tonight is a little less farm-to-table and a little more pharm-to-table… we’ve got just what you need. Here are some Deep questions to help elevate your post-smoke conversation.


How sure are you that you aren't just a brain in a vat, imagining your entire reality (a la The Matrix)?


It’s the year 2085 and humans have developed the ability to teleport.

The teleportation machine works by disassembling your cells, transporting them through space, and then reassembling them at your destination a split second later. During teleportation, however, there is a fraction of a second when your cells are “in transit” (when they’ve left the first place but haven’t yet arrived in the second place).

In that split second … Do you actually die for a moment and then come back to life or can "you" exist without your body for that brief moment?


Someone has invented a Shrinking Machine. When you step into it, the machine shrinks you so that you can see smaller and smaller things: like molecules … then atoms … then quarks (which are the smallest particles known to man).

If you could keep shrinking smaller… Would you keep finding infinitely smaller and smaller things or would you finally reach a point where there’s nothing?


If cryogenic freezing was possible for humans, would you do it so you could see what the future is like 500, 1,000, or even 10,000 years from now?


You’re doing some spring cleaning and discover a box with your medical files. You start looking through them and discover something shocking: you apparently had brain surgery 5 years ago to remove all of your memories and replace them with new ones.

There’s a thumb drive inside the box marked “Pre-Surgery Memories." You plug it into your computer and are horrified. Your pre-operation memories indicate that you were cruel and selfish … and also committed numerous crimes. This is very different from who you are now: a good, kind, and law-abiding person.

If you have no memory of committing them … Should you turn yourself in for the crimes you committed pre-operation?


You find a book and start to read it, only to discover that it’s the story of your life. You get to the point that you are at right now. Do you turn the page to find out your future?


What would a world populated by clones of you be like?



It doesn’t have to be 4/20 to get your conversation a little lifted… get deep with our game.

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