How do you know when you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for? That’s the question we started pondering after finding out that many popular OnlyFans creators have hired people to imitate them and chat (on their behalf) with paying fans.⁠

Let’s back up for a second though:⁠

Only Fans (OF) is a subscription-based social media platform where anyone can create content and sell it to paying subscribers. Much of this content (photos and videos) is pornographic in nature. ⁠

Some OF customers shell out big bucks (often hundreds of dollars per session) for one-on-one chats with their favorite creators. But what these customers often don’t know is that they’re exchanging messages with a “professional chatter” – someone hired to imitate the creator – rather than the creator herself.

OF creators use professional chatters to maximize the number of fans they can interact with – and make money from – each month. And many creators feel it’s perfectly ethical because their OF persona is just a “character” they play anyway – it’s not really “them.”

But others feel it’s unethical. As one OF star put it, “After a while, it started to bother me. … The people working my accounts had developed intimate relationships with these fans, and I felt bad for the subscribers because it wasn’t me they were talking to.” ⁠

(Recently, OF added a small statement to their Terms of Service advising customers that they may be interacting with creators OR their teams.)⁠

Reading about professional OF chatters got us wondering …⁠

 ?  If their fans are dropping serious $$ to have one-on-one chats with them … Is it deceptive of OnlyFans creators to hire other people to handle these private chats? ⁠

 ?  If a professional chatter is extremely good at imitating an OF creator (there’s practically no difference in their conversational style) … Is it deceptive? Or is the customer actually getting what they paid for?⁠

 ?  When is deception ethical … and when is it not?⁠


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