Like many of you, we here at The Deep have been transfixed by the invasion of Ukraine. But if you need a mental/emotional break from that coverage, here's some content you might have missed in February paired with some questions to consider as you read, listen, or watch each.


Break the Silence by Persuasion

What does it mean to create a safe space for debate in the classroom? A.K.A. how do we do the opposite of what we are doing everywhere else.

Take-Home Question: In a society that doesn’t reward critical thinking, how can we encourage and teach it to our younger generations?

We Should All Know Less About Each Other by The NY Times

Researchers paid people $11 to follow Twitter accounts they disagreed with.

Take-Home Question: Does knowing someone really make you less likely to hate them?

The Second Great Age of Political Correctness by Reason

The P.C. culture of the '80s and '90s is back. So pull out your halter tops and shoulder pads, and maybe put away your casual racism.

Take-Home Question: Does political correctness help or hurt the groups it’s trying to protect? (Also, was PCU Jeremy Piven’s greatest acting role?)



A Movement to Fight Misinformation with Misinformation by The Daily

The “Birds Aren’t Real” conspiracy theory has taken off, despite being intentionally absurd. It’s almost like you can’t believe what’s on social media. Almost.

Take-Home Question: If enough people believe something does that make it true?



Free Guy on HBO Max or Prime Video

A movie where a handsome movie star finds out he’s a handsome video game character.

Take-Home Question: How do we know what’s really real?

Severance on Apple TV+

It’s like The Office meets Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets The Firm.

Take-Home Question: Would you erase some of your memories if you could?

An AI Slowly Forgets a Human Face on Vice

A programmer created an A.I. face, then made it slowly forget what it looked like. To really make it human, the A.I. needs to always forget what your brother-in-law does for a living.

Take-Home Question: How much of your memory (or brain function) can you lose … and still be you?



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