Artist Narine Arakelian is currently selling one of her eggs as a non-fungible token (NFT) – sort of. The 42-year old artist has created a painting called "Live," which contains a contract for one of her eggs. Whoever buys the piece (shown at Art Basel in Miami), gets Arakelian's egg – and the artist has said she hopes a couple in need of a donor buys the piece and uses the egg to conceive.

Arakelian, who typically uses her work to create discussion around gender identity and social issues, said, "I am so happy to bring a child into the world through my artwork. It's a beautiful act of creativity to give the gift of art and life." ⁠

Reading about Arakelian’s piece got us thinking…⁠

 ?  Is it ethical to sell one’s egg to the highest bidder? In other words: Is this taking advantage of people who are desperate to have a baby? … Or is it Arakelian’s right to sell her egg to the highest bidder, since it’s a piece of her own body?⁠

 ?  If Arakelian had agreed to let the buyer of her artwork adopt her child (instead of buy her egg), would that be less ethical? And why?⁠


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